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About Us

234fashionmall.com is an online mall strictly for fashion wear formed by Bobojay Entertainment & Technology with registered business number BN: 2418051. 234fashionmall.com is your one-stop online shopping market that offers the best prices among other malls as it stands. 

234fashionmall provides you with products you can trust from vendors/ sellers around the world and at 234fashionmall.com. It is the duty of the management to collect products from vendors and supervise them before shipping/ delivering to customers.  

We offer a better commission to all our vendors and we pay vendors in cash, bank transfer, PayStack & Paypal and our customers can also shop with Cash or Debit Card. We have the fastest delivery service e.g Waybill, DHL, FedEx, etc.

Our Story

234 Fashion Mall - Strictly Sales of Fashion Wears.

234fashionmall.com is a fast-growing Nigerian online shopping mall created on December 26, 2020 and powered by Bobojay Entertainment and Technology. From the moment of founding this mall, our vision has being to empower businessmen and women in Nigerian markets to sell all kinds of fashion wears to worldwide internet shoppers. 234fashionmall.com offers authentic fashion wears with amazingly competitive price from approved vendors like:  

T-shirt & Polo, Coat and Suites, All Kinds of Trousers, Swimming & Sportswear, Underwear & Nightwear, Native wear & Senator Wears, Creams or Soaps, Clothing Materials, Jackets, Boots & Canvas, Cravats,  Ties,  Bonnets, Hats, Belts & Suspenders, Gloves,  Muffs, Necklaces, Bracelets, Watches, Eyewear’s, Rings, Socks, Shawls, Stockings,  Caps, Pams & Slippers, Shoes, Perfumes & Body Sprays, Purses, Wallets, Bags and Umbrellas

We serve customers from different parts of the world and customers initiate, conclude transactions on each product via a secured payment platform (Paystack) and with the fastest delivery service anywhere in the world.


To lead and to provide best-value products and quality services to our customers and to stand out to with other competitors in trending fashion wears.


We strive to be a global leader in all kinds of fashion wear by empowering sales from different popular markets around the world to sell online and maximize their daily income and to provide total customer/ buyer’s satisfaction.

World Online Mall

234fashionmall.com is a young, fast raising and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality and branded fashion products from various popular markets in Nigeria and across the global markets.
We offer a wide range of apparel fashion products and services to every online fashion shopper all over the world with the fastest delivery service.
All our products are carefully curated to provide customers with quality and reliable products. To keep our customers in style we post new arrivals daily from vendors, as well as offer help to any indecisive shoppers.

We’re committing to create the change
we want to see in the fashion world.


Free Shipping

Capped at ₦150,000 per order

Surety Payments

Up to 3 months installments

Pay on Delivery

South -East Pay on Delivery

24/7 Support

WhatsApp +2348086676102

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