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You agreed to have accepted the 234 Fashion Mall terms and conditions, you authorize management to investigate about you and your business for proper accountability and customer our satisfaction. We will contact you after filling the form either as vendor, wholesale and designer/ tailor.

WARNING: Registration is free, beware of scammers asking you to pay sating amount of money for membership. Any account number/ cheque that doesn’t bear Bobojay Entertainment & Technology is not from us. We only charge sating amount of money for members who can’t upload their products on our website but want our staff to help them do it while they take control of order confirmation and prices. Such member will have to send his/her products to our WhatsApp number after registration is confirmed. All products published at 234fashionmall.com must be fashion products/ wears, posting of non-fashion products/ wears will attract fine or account suspension/ penalty. You can hire models for product sampling at Talent Boat Agency only if you choose to have extra promotion from the Agency.

Note: You must have a physical or online shop/store before you can partners with 234 Fashion Mall. Our staff may visit your store/ shop for confirmation or during product collection once an order is placed by a customer. All product images must be clear with good background for customer review and must be well described/ detailed with actual selling prices and product sizes. Members whose Business address or National ID is not verified will be paid in cash whenever his/her product is purchased by our customers but in a case he/ she has met all requirement, we will transfer both product & shipping money to his/her bank account for delivery after taking out company’s percentage commission. You are to abide to our customer return, refund and delivery policies. 




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